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La Spaziale technikai su kavos tiekimu

Pasirašant terminuotą Hausbrandt kavos tiekimo sutartį, naujiems La Spaziale kavos aparatams bei kavos malūnams taikome iki 25% nuolaidą! Dėl konkrečių sąlygų teirautis pas pardavimų vadybininkus.


  • Electronic one group coffee machine
  • 128×64 pixel graphic display
  • Capacitive touchpad
  • Proportioned dose setting
  • Multi language icon based display
  • Electronic temperature regulation for coffee
    delivery group by P.I.D.
  • Electronic temperature control of the boiler
    for hot water and steam delivery
  • Volumetric pump
  • Direct connection to water mains
  • 1 hot water outlet with 2 programmable
    selections ( semiautomatic or automatic )
  • 1 steam wand
  • Possibility of excluding the boiler heating function
  • Economy function ( maximum absorption 1250W)
  • Fault diagnosis alarms
  • Possibility to set 4 different user profiles
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • Read and Write functions
  • Groups lighting
  • Software update through Secure Digital (SD) memory card
  • Service scheduled control system with signal on display
  • Water softener cartridge control system with
    signal on display
  • Chronological record of all the alarms occurred
    per Date and Time
  • Delivery groups washing cycle
  • Grinding degree control with signal of coarse or fine grinding
  • Signal for a too fine grinding
  • Timer for automatic switch on-off
  • Coffee dose counter
  • EGS ( Electronic ground system )
  • Digital pressure sensor for water mains
  • Digital pressure sensor for pump
  • Electronic pre infusion
  • Day light saving time automatic update

1 grupės